Redecorating home on a budget

It is said if you have a budget of 10 lacs to redo your house, feel happy if you finish the work within 15! But more often than not, it is not the inflation that is to be blamed. A lot of times, we end up going over budget because of lack of planning or not prioritizing things well in time. Off course, when we go to the market, it is difficult to resist buying the best or the latest products which are generally more expensive than the ones we had intended to buy. However, there must be a way to keep the whole project within the estimates budget and still ensure that we make our space look very good,keeping in mind the latest trends. Fortunately, there is an immense range available in the market place now-a-days in terms of branded & non-branded items. People tend to splurge on items termed as ‘desirable’ or ‘good to have’ without realizing the utility & the space for it. To avoid these mistakes – one must be armed with a ‘Must have’ list when one plans to shop. Moreover, it works best when we have the correct sizes, existing theme or colour concept & then buy that item.

It need not be expensive – if the scale is right, it would add the right accent to the room, so a judicious purchase goes a long way into making a home look beautiful and keeps your budget aligned. Another challenge is how to keep up with the changing trends as far as their living space is concerned. A lot of people want to know the colour / trend for the season. While it is cool to keep yourself & your home updated, but doing up the home practically every few months can turn out to be impractical and can get very taxing – not to mention expensive! So, the simplest way is to buy trendy accessories like cushions, throws, flowers or an interesting lamp / pendant lights which will provide an instant face lift to your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

Indoor plants also help provide the right touch. A number of nurseries have opened up where one can get reasonably priced plants requiring low maintenance. These can be put in colourful ceramic pots/planters & placed in strategic corners of the house. Apart from these, one can hunt for a good painting / art work – there are a number of small art galleries where one can hunt for a good deal. Works of upcoming artists are quite reasonably priced & apart from providing the right ambience to your home – these may prove to be a good future investment.

But always remember that ‘less is more’ – Never Clutter! A neat, well planned & a spacious house can go a long way in creating a positive environment.

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