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Turnkey Interior Solutions

Based on the requirements of our clients we can provide a one stop solution for renovation or redesign of any house / apartment / office / showroom or just any kind of space. As the name suggests, you just need to tell us your requirements and we shall design, construct, source materials and expert implementors, and handover the finish space within an agreed time frame. This does not mean that you will not be involved at all. All designs shall be first shown to you for your approval, however you shall not be bothered for anything related to the implementation of your chosen designs as we shall arrange the materials, labor, and supervision for your project. The scope of work shall include fixed interiors like flooring, walls and ceiling designs, furniture layout and design, bedrooms, modular kitchens, bathrooms, open spaces like lawns, terraces etc and the scope can be customized depending on the individual requirements. Please get in touch with your requirements and we shall be happy to provide your with our best quote.


Interior Design Consulting

We also provide consulting services in case you would like to engage your own vendors for sourcing of materials and implementation contractors. In this option we provide the designs in order to ensure optimum space utilization, interesting and creative usage of features to accentuate the ambience such that the final result is as per your taste and exquisite in appearance. We provide the design specifications, detailed drawings, supervision and guidance to your implementation teams. We also guide you for materials selection from any vendor of your choice. This service is also based on customized requirements and scope. Please get in touch with us for your customized quote.